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Frequently Asked Questions



I don't get many (any) complaints from my patients/clients. Why should I use EARtrak?

Your clients like you. They may not realise that by providing feedback (or complaining), that you may be able to improve their outcomes. Sadly, they are more likely to stop wearing their hearing aids than complain to you. In fact, our results show that clients will continue to recommend their hearing services provider to family and friends, even if they are not satisfied with their own outcomes.

The good news is that your clients will respond honestly to an independently conducted hearing aid satisfaction survey such as EARtrak. Turn those silent complaints into an opportunity to improve. 

What is an EARtrak Practice Report?

Practice reports are delivered by EARtrak to your practice every six months* and provide you with a detailed look at your patients' self-reported outcomes in the areas of satisfaction with hearing aid features, multiple listening situations, and your professional services.

*A minimum of 30 completed surveys is required to generate your practice report in order to maintain statistical validity. Practice reports may be delayed for practices with fewer than 30 returns in the reporting period. 

What is a Progress Report?

Progress reports are emailed to you every two weeks and advise you of the client/patient ID numbers of your clients/patients who have returned their surveys to EARtrak. This allows you to identify non-respondents and follow up with a reminder message.

Progress reports also provide you with early feedback from individual clients who have asked that their comments be shared with you. 

I do my own client surveys. Why should I use EARtrak?

Congratulations! However, do you do it regularly or only when you have time? Do you survey everyone or maybe you avoid those clients you think might give you a poor report? Do you have the time, experience and expertise necessary to manage the task of coding and reproducing scoring algorithms accurately? Is your client sample large enough to be statistically meaningful? Can you measure your results, with confidence, against other providers in your market?

EARtrak is simple enough to administer in your practice so that you can do it regularly and get reliable results that you can trust and use to build quality in your business.

EARtrak also allows you to benchmark your practice against others in your market so you can see how well you are performing and identify areas for improvement.  

My hearing services provider hasn't asked me to complete an EARtrak survey. Can I still complete your online survey?

Yes! Your voice is still important in setting benchmarks for outcomes. Just go the EARtrak Survey link on our website and have your say.

My practice is very busy. How much extra work is necessary to manage the EARtrak process?

Administering EARtrak is very simple. We even provide templates for your client/patient communications.

Our clinics report that it takes just one to five hours a month, depending on the size of the practice. A number of practice management software programs support the EARtrak process.

The new online EARtrak process is even simpler!

Who else sees my data?

This is one time when it is better to be a number and not a name! All clinics and patients are assigned numbers to de-identify private information and to manage the EARtrak process. EARtrak does NOT receive any information which would allow us to identify an individual client, nor do we divulge patient comments to clinics without the patient's express permission.

All data is aggregated to provide the benchmarks for the EARtrak group. Data from an individual clinic is never revealed to any other party.

My practice has several clinics. Is it possible to report on the performance of each clinic?

Yes. Contact EARtrak today to discuss special clinic reports.

Is EARtrak available in other countries?

Yes. EARtrak is based in Australia but we work with clients throughout the world.

All prices quoted on this website are in Australian dollars. Please contact EARtrak for a registration form in your local currency.

Note: EARtrak is only available in English at this time. 

What is the difference between a client and a patient?

Absolutely nothing! This is simply a matter of terminology.

Australian providers typically refer to their patients as clients whilst American providers call them patients. 

How long until get my first Practice Report?

Practice reports require six months worth of data so the quickest way to get your first Practice Report is to start by sending surveys to clients/patients who were fitted six months ago.

Repeat each month and you will get your first Practice Report approximately six months after commencing the EARtrak process. 

When do I send the EARtrak survey to my clients/patients?

The EARtrak survey should be sent to your clients/patients six months after they have been fitted with hearing aid/s.

Research shows that this is the optimum time for measuring self-reported outcomes as clients/patients have adjusted to living with their aids.

Can I customize or change the questions on the EARtrak survey?

Not at this time. Using a common question base allows you to benchmark your results against the industry.

EARtrak will review its position on this from time to time. 

Is EARtrak HIPAA-compliant?

Yes. EARtrak does not receive any identifying information about individual clients/patients. We do not share information about individual practices with anyone else.

Why do I have to pay $12 for each completed survey?

We believe that user-pay is the fairest system.

The annual registration fee has intentionally been set at a low level to provide access for all hearing healthcare providers. This covers the costs of setting you up in our database and providing training and other resource materials.

The $12 per survey fee covers data processing, progress reports and generation of your twice-yearly Practice Reports.

We also believe that invoicing you each month for completed surveys is the most manageable option for businesses. 

What is the link to the EARtrak survey?

This link is embedded on our website and may be completed by all consumers, even those who do not receive an invitation from their provider.