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EARtrak now fully online

Posted on June 9, 2015 at 2:10 AM

EARtrak's hearing aid satisfaction survey is now available as a fully online service with the option of personalised surveys!

From registration through to sending out survey invitations to your patients, and receiving your practice reports, it can all be done online. 

EARtrak Chief Executive Officer, Tracey Matthies, said it was a natural development as internet usage increased across all age groups. 

"Various studies have shown that the number of older Australians and Americans using the internet is always increasing," she said, "And that means that as service providers, we have to avoid ageist beliefs about older people being unable to learn and unwilling to adopt new technologies."

In recent months, online EARtrak responses were received from patients aged from their 50s through to their 90s.

"The United States is a clear leader in the adoption of technology, and for that reason, we are now offering EARtrak solely as an online service there," Ms Matthies said. 

Existing Australian practices using the EARtrak process will be encouraged to transition over the coming 12 months, while new Australian practices will be invited to register for the online process. All Australian practices will have the option of ordering additional paper surveys and reply paid envelopes until the transition is complete. 

Practices registering for an online package can opt for personalised surveys which includes their practice name as well as the names of their practicitioners and clinic sites.

Patients are more likely to respond to a personalised survey yet still have the assurance that their responses are going to an independent data consultant. It also makes it easier for patients to correctly name their practictioner and clinic.

Follow this link to learn more about EARtrak's online packages or to order additional paper surveys and reply paid envelopes. 

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